New American Bible Revised Edition


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Saint Mary's Press has partnered with the American Bible Society to bring you the New American Bible Revised Edition, an affordable and youth-friendly Bible.

The New American Bible, Revised Edition represents the work of biblical scholars to translate the Bible into modern English. This translation draws upon recent textual scholarship, reflecting careful consideration of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and contains the fully revised Old Testament and Psalter. The result is a translation suitable for private devotions, careful study, and use in public worship.

Today's Catholic reader will appreciate these features:

  • Careful translation of the original-language texts.
  • Introductions and outlines for every book of the Bible.
  • 8,000+ study notes prepared by the Catholic-led interfaith biblical scholarship team.

Also included is a complete list of readings for:

  • Sunday Mass.
  • the major feasts of the year.
  • the weekday lectionary.

*Which Bible is right for you?  View our helpful guide here!

Product details

Translation: New American Bible Revised Edition

Copyright: Nov. 15, 2011

Format: Paperback

Size: 5.25 x 8.25

Length: 1488 pages

ISBN: 978-1-59982-170-2

ISBN-10: 1-59982-170-2

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