Waiting in Hope

Praying and Living Advent 

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By Tony Alonso


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When people think of the weeks leading up to Christmas, what images come to mind? This is a time for making wish lists, sending cards, purchasing gifts, putting up decorations, planning parties, baking, and attending concerts. There are four weeks before Christmas that seem to run against the grain of excitement that surrounds this busy time of year: the season of Advent. Advent is a time of waiting and watching. The word "Advent" literally means "coming." It's about waiting for God's coming into our midst now, just as the world waited so many years ago. Advent is a time to prepare for Jesus' birth through prayer, reflection, and action.

The solution to truly celebrating Advent isn't to simply ignore everything around us, but in finding ways to pray and reflect each day amid all this activity. We need to reflect on what God is asking of us during this time of year and find ways to live out the message of the Gospel each day. Waiting in Hope: Praying and Living Advent can help young people set the course for their Advent journey. The prayers, reflections, and other information provided are tools to help them enter more deeply into the richness of this season.

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