Vibrant Worship with Youth

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The 11 articles in Vibrant Worship with Youth expand on the liturgical principles and strategies found in From Age to Age.

Authored by leaders in liturgy and youth ministry, the articles cover a variety of concerns related to worship with young people: communal participation, cultural considerations, leadership, music, homilies, drama, catechesis, and liturgical ministries. These two companion documents are a must-have for leaders who need practical ideas for creating more youth-inclusive worship experiences.

Authors and topics:
Lisa-Marie Calderone-Stewart, "Liturgical Catechesis: A Parish Workshop Model."
David Haas, "Youth and Liturgy: There Is Work to Do."
Tom Heinen and C. J. Hribal, "Vibrant Multicultural Liturgy: Saint Michael's Story."
Peter M. Kolar, "Youth and Liturgy: A Hispanic Perspective."
Michael Novak, "Ready to Assemble: Youth as Part of the Liturgical Assembly."
Sheila O'Connell-Roussell, "Training Youth for Liturgical Drama."
Stephen Petrunak, "Active Teens in Liturgical Ministries—It Can Work."
Valerie Shields, "Youth and Liturgy: An African-American Perspective."
Thomas N. Tomaszek, "Spirited Music and Singing."
Bishop Kenneth Untener, "Ten Things to Keep in Mind When Preaching to Youth."
Helen Wolf, "Fostering Vibrant Worship in Catholic Schools."
Appendix: A Parish Checklist for Vibrant Liturgy with Youth.

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Customer Reviews

By Michael T. Jeremiah, campus minister, Benilde-St. Margaret's School, Saint Louis Park, Minnesota

Vibrant Worship with Youth provides a call to action in implementing the principles of From Age to Age. Clergy, ministers of music, teachers, youth ministers, and campus ministers will find guidance and inspiration in the stories and ideas shared by these authors. The book speaks to the very heart of our ministry--not simply ministering to young people, but ministering with young people. I would have found my work much easier had this book been available twenty-five years ago! It will be well used in my ministry.

By Msgr. Ray East, Church of the Nativity, Washington, DC

Vibrant Worship with Youth is a necessity for today's youth. Perhaps no other area of pastoral life is more critical. This collection of articles provides insight, imagination, and the courage needed to change lifeless worship into the vibrant liturgy that is missing in today's parishes.
Editorial Reviews
Now here's a great looking book! Bringing together ten articles and one parish workshop, Vibrant Worship with Youth sets out to clarify the principles of solid, heartfelt, and inclusive Catholic liturgy.

In his Foreword, Catholic youth ministry godfather Bob McCarty describes the book's purpose. "The 1997 publication of From Age to Age prompted ordained, pastoral, and liturgical ministers to gather together with young people to discuss its message. Out of this dialogue came insights, strategies, and a renewed commitment to creating vibrant worship that includes young people. The articles in this manual reflect the fruits of these discussions and will benefit leaders in parishes and schools in their liturgical planning and practice."

But this is not just another guide to organizing your next youth Mass. Vibrant Worship picks up the topical issues, draws on the experience of eleven leaders in the US liturgical and youth ministry scene, and comes to the conclusion that what young people seek is what we all seek--vibrancy in liturgy.

Far from promoting a youth separatist model, the authors here argue for passionate worship. In the words of liturgy guru David Haas, "It is about our young people (and all members of the Christian tribe) being freed and empowered to worship authentically and honestly."

Communal participation, cultural considerations, leadership, drama, catechesis, and liturgical ministries are all covered. Stand-outs for me were Bishop Ken Utener's "Ten Things to Keep in Mind When Preaching to Youth" and Tom Tomaszek's "Spirited Music and Singing." Lisa-Marie Calderone-Stewart's "Liturgical Catechesis: A Parish Workshop Model" offers a great young Catholic approach to the key principles at issue. I plan to use this one in my own diocesan work.

There are solid insights here for anyone interested in revving up liturgy for the entire community's benefit but with young people foremost in mind. . . .

Review by Chris Duthie-Jung, director of youth ministry, Archdiocese of Wellington, New Zealand

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