Learning to Meditate

A Thirty-Day Introduction to the Practice of Meditation (Leader's Guide) 

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By Thomas Zanzig



Learning to Meditate is a thirty-day program that introduces the basic skills of meditation to teenagers and adults.

  • Week 1: learning the basic components of meditation: place, time, posture, relaxation, and deep breathing.
  • Week 2: learning techniques for managing mental distractions, using mantras during meditation.
  • Week 3: practicing the technique of guided meditation, using guided imagery to meditate on the Scriptures.
  • Week 4: learning to use spiritual reading in meditation, concluding the program on a note of gratitude and hope.

The leader's guide provides detailed instructions for five weekly meetings, designed to introduce participants to the meditation program and assist them in sharing their experiences, to help them learn more about the skills of meditation, and to support other learners in prayer. Learning to Meditate can be used in parish high school religious education, college campus ministry, adult education, or as a supplemental unit in a high school religion curriculum.

The learner's booklet includes enjoyable daily exercises of about 15 minutes each for four weeks. The learner is invited to respond to the exercises in brief journal-writing activities. The learner's booklet is designed for private use combined with small-group gatherings, using its companion leader's guide, but it can be adapted for private use only.

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