Giving and Growing

A Student's Guide for Service Projects 

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By Frances Hunt O'Connell



Giving and Growing provides the tools and information students need to accomplish successful service projects in school or parish settings.

The student's guide includes five units that correspond to the common stages in a service project:

  1. Finding the Right Place for You.
  2. Your First Few Weeks.
  3. Evaluating Your Growth.
  4. Resolving Conflict.
  5. Ending the Service Experience.

The guide also becomes a treasured keepsake. The appendix includes forms for contracts, parent permission forms, a record of service hours, supervisor's reports, and evaluations.

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Copyright: Jan. 1, 1990

Format: Stitched

Size: 8.5 x 11

Length: 80 pages

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ISBN: 978-0-88489-224-3

ISBN-10: 0-88489-224-7

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Giving and Growing: A Student's Guide for Service Projects (Leader's Manual)