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The Catholic Faith Handbook Catechist Guide

Third Edition 

By Brian Singer-Towns


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The ALL NEW Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth Catechist Guide provides everything you need to offer an overview course about Catholic beliefs and practices.

Mirroring the engaging material in The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth, Third Edition as the core content, the catechist guide follows the sequence of the Student Book while also being updated to reflect the new information included in the Third Edition.

The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth Catechist Guide:

  • Features clear and concise two-page lesson plans that enable the catechist to quickly and easily prepare for class
  • Is now easier to incorporate into your class with only one catechist guide to correspond to all chapters in the  The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth, Third Edition 
  • Is structured in a Pray It, Study It, Live It lesson format that provides catechists with a structure that includes opening and closing prayer, content presentation and discussion, and engaging life application activities
  • Offers lesson plans that have the students read sections of the chapters in class, enabling them to ask questions and discuss the material thoroughly
  • Includes additional online resources that provide activities, customizable lesson handouts, chapter quizzes, and PowerPoints to keep the students engaged through the class

To access additional online resources for this course, please go to:  http://www.smp.org/resourcecenter/books/

Product details

Publisher: Saint Mary's Press

Copyright: Feb. 15, 2013

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-1-59982-276-1

ISBN-10: 1-59982-276-8

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