Praying All Ways

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By Judith Dunlap

Edited by Thomas Zanzig


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Minicourse Appropriate for Grades Nine and Ten

Young people—like all of us—hunger for the holy. When they learn how to pray in more mature ways, they discover how to communicate more deeply with the One who is the source of all holiness. Praying All Ways helps young people grow in their understanding of the nature of prayer and then invites them to explore a variety of prayer forms and styles. They not only learn about prayer but also grow in their ability to pray.

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Copyright: Jan. 1, 1996

Format: Paperback

Size: 8.5 x 11

Length: 56 pages

Item number: 2416

ISBN: 978-0-88489-364-6

ISBN-10: 0-88489-364-2

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