Discovering: Teacher's Training Manual

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By Thomas Zanzig


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This manual for teachers of Discovering courses is designed as a companion piece for the training video titled A Video Workshop for Teachers. Teachers can consult their program coordinator for further information. This manual is divided into two parts:

Part 1, "A Video Workshop for Teachers," is a detailed outline of the training video, with plenty of space provided for teachers to record personal reflections as well as insights generated by discussion with the program coordinator and other teachers.

Part 2, "Helpful Resources for the Teacher," is a kind of toolbox of useful resources on a wide variety of concerns confronted by the teacher. The contents of part 2 are:

  • Religious Instruction or Faith Formation?
  • The Developmental Characteristics and Needs of Young Adolescents.
  • Building Positive Relationships with Young People.
  • Effective Group Management.
  • Effective Storytelling.
  • Using the Scriptures.
  • The Teacher as a Witness of Faith.

Teachers will want to refer to this material again and again for practical guidance in their work with young adolescents.

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Copyright: Jan. 1, 1999

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Discovering: A Video Workshop for Teachers


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