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Growing in Christian Morality

Student Casebook 

By Kathleen Crawford Hodapp


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  • What does religion have to do with my life?
  • How do I know right from wrong?
  • How do I make good decisions?

Great questions from teenagers! And what answers do we give them? Learning what Christian morality entails is a very important part of a Catholic teenager's religious education, whether it is part of a high school curriculum, a parish religious education program, or a youth ministry program.

The 32 cases in the Student Casebook are the real-life experiences of people who have faced moral decisions. Reading the stories of these individuals and then applying the LISTEN process allows teens to explore moral dilemmas from another person's viewpoint. The student casebook can work well with any morality course, parish religious education program, or youth ministry program.

The Leader's Guide, sold separately, weaves real-life applications with content and prayer through a process for making decisions. The guide is designed to be a resource for the Growing in Christian Morality textbook, although it can work well with any morality course, parish religious education program, or youth ministry program. Everything that you need to lead a session, including handouts and prayer experiences, is provided in a friendly format that puts all relevant information at your fingertips. Select the link to the Casebook Leader's Guide for a complete description of its many special features.

The LISTEN Process
Moral decision-making skills can be taught. The LISTEN process is the vehicle for these skills. LISTEN is an acronym that outlines the steps in a decision-making process:

  • Look for the facts.
  • Imagine possibilities.
  • Seek insight beyond your own.
  • Turn inward.
  • Expect God's help.
  • Name your decision.

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Copyright: Jan. 1, 2002

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Length: 168 pages

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