Name: 58 Level 2 Activity: Love Is the Greatest Commandment (The Catholic Children’s Bible, pages 1556–1557) Permission to reproduce is granted. © 2015 by Saint Mary’s Press. Love: The Most Important Thing Seek and Find: Look at pages 1556 and 1557 of your Bible . How many garments are hanging from the line at the top of these story pages? GLUE GLUE GLUE GLUE GLUE GLUE GLUE On the doorway of a Jewish home is a mezuzah, a small box that contains a prayer similar to part of the Greatest Commandment . On a slip of paper write the words in Mark 12:30 . Cut out the box, and decorate the outside . Fold along all the lines . Roll up the paper, and put it in the box . Glue down the flaps . Keep this box as a reminder to live the Greatest Commandment . 22