Naming Our True Worth Questions of human dignity encircle us in many striking and challenging ways these days. Can we as teachers and mentors truly contribute to a national conversation that insists on the value of each human person? The answer is a resounding Yes! How so? By carefully and intentionally creating an environment that emphasizes the value of every person, not for what they accomplish, but for simply being who they are. As a society, we tend to place a high value on accomplishments. We love celebrity rags-to-riches stories such as J.K. Rowling writing the first Harry Potter book on napkins in the midst of poverty, or Steve Jobs building the Apple computer dynasty even though he was unable to finish college. By holding these people and others like them in such high esteem, we inadvertently or subconsciously suggest that human value is determined by accomplishments. “As a society, we tend to place a high value on accomplishments.” REFLEC TION BY L AURIE ZILIAK 18 Inspire! Volume 1 / / Spring 2019