TRY THIS! Answers can be found on page 43 AC TIVIT Y This activity is taken from Chapter 2 of the Grade 2 Activity Booklet in the Discover! Finding Faith in Life program. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT DISCOVER! visit 16 Disc ver! Finding Faith in Life 1 Chapter Family Activities ection Page 2 God our Father, you give us the gift of new life in the Sacrament of Baptism. Thank you for loving us so much that you want us to be your children. Help us love you, ourselves, and others all our lives. Amen. Prayer We Celebrate Baptism Matthew 3:13–17 • Show your child items from his or her baptismal day. These might include pictures, white clothing, and the baptismal candle. Share your memories of that special day. Mark the date of your child’s Baptism on the family calendar. Make plans to celebrate this day of beginning new life with God in the Catholic Church. • Watch the video “Catholic Baby Baptism” (YouTube, 9:17) together. Begin at the 3:30 point to show the entire Baptism. Point out the anointing with oil, the pouring of water, the white garment, and the baptismal candle. Allow the video to bring back memories of your child’s Baptism, and share those memories aloud. • Read together the Featured Story on pages 1452–1453 in The Catholic Children’s Bible (Matthew 3:13–17). Invite your child to tell you what she or he remembers about the meaning of this Scripture passage. and even fascinated with stream, a placid lake, or a ear it and even in it. Water need that ensures our very es life. cal life, the waters of Baptism al life. The waters of Baptism God through his Son, Jesus as the people called by God world. This community is the nses dirt from our bodies, the cleanse us from sin and bring o is thirsty—here is water!” iah (55:1). This is the message e Sacrament of Baptism. Explore need for water, for life, for God. Prayer Pray this prayer together as a family, beginning and ending with the Sign of the Cross. Dear God, thank you for the gift of this child who is such a blessing to our family. Guide and bless ______ every day as she or he learns more and more about our Catholic faith. Help us always to remember that we are your children and you are our loving Father. Amen. Saint John was Jesus’ cousin. He prepared the way for Jesus. He told people to change their hearts and turn away from sin. John baptized Jesus and heard God the Father say that Jesus is his beloved Son. We celebrate the birthday of Saint John the Baptist on June 24. Saint John the Baptist (first century) People of Faith 4 The scriptural quotations on page 2 are from the Good News Translation ® (Today’s English Version, Second Edition). Copyright © 1992 by the American Bible Society. All rights reserved. Bible text from the Good News Translation is not to be reprodu ced in copies or otherwise by any means except as permitted in writing by the American Bible Society, 1865 Broadway, New York, NY 10023 (www.a merican 16 Inspire! Volume 1 / / Spring 2019