Name: 57 Level 1 Activity: Love Is the Greatest Commandment (The Catholic Children’s Bible, pages 1556–1557) Permission to reproduce is granted. © 2015 by Saint Mary’s Press. Picking Up the Pieces Cut out the tiles at the top of the page . Then place them in the chart at the bottom to complete Jesus’ answer to the teacher’s question: “Which commandment is the most important of all?” (Mark 12:28) . Look in your Bible at Mark 12:30–31 to help you . Seek and Find: Look at pages 1556 and 1557 of your Bible . How many water jars do you see on the story pages? YOURSELF. MIND, LOVE HEART, NEIGHBOR YOUR LOVE STRENGTH. LOVE SOUL, GOD YOU AS THE LORD YOUR WITH ALL YOUR WITH ALL YOUR WITH ALL YOUR AND WITH ALL YOUR ♥ 21