Be Encouraged! Be Equipped! Be Excited! ASSESS WHERE YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE. Break up in-seat reading with practical, out-of-the-seat activities that can strengthen or support the main teaching. For example, have a relay race to emphasize teamwork (Church), encourage groups to create a role-play that shows an abstract concept in action (forgiveness, kindness, etc.), or use games, puzzles, and worksheets to create group activities that relate to the lesson. The first step is to complete an honest assessment of your current learning environment. Is it engaging? Do you and the children look forward to each lesson? Start by looking at your lessons and seeing where you could build opportunities to better engage the children. INCORPORATE ENGAGING DISCUSSIONS OR INTRODUCTORY ACTIVITIES. Don’t jump into new content before tapping into the children’s prior knowledge related to the topic. For example, instead of immediately reading about the Sacrament of Reconciliation, have the children come to the board to write the first word they think of when they hear the word forgiveness, or invite them to share about times they have experienced forgiveness with others. Once they are invested through having a life connection, they will be ready to engage the topic further. REINFORCE CORE CONCEPTS WITH OUT-OF-THE-SEAT ACTIVITIES. visit Inspire! is made just for you…to empower you to reach and teach children! Subscribe today for only $ 19.95.