b'Step Out in Love!by Julie MicklerCatholic social teaching makes itLocal and global Catholic organizationsshort-term relief through donations clear that acts of charity are crucialalso work on our behalf to feed,offood, shelter, and clothing. It is steps in alleviating immediateclothe, and shelter the worlds poor.that next important step, however,Corporal Works of Mercysuffering for the worlds poor.Catholic Charities and Catholicthat promotes social change Relief Services have fought tirelesslyand ultimately provides a long-The Corporal Works of Mercyto alleviate much of the sufferingterm solution to the problemsFeed the hungry.challenge every person of faith toinherent in a life of poverty. of poverty, racism, sexism, help provide desperately neededThese actions are good andenvironmental destruction, and soGive drink to the thirsty.food, drink, and shelter to thosepleasing to God. Go, us! on. Actions for justice address the in need. For many who are poorButthey are not enough. root causes that create injustice.Shelter the homeless.and vulnerable, these resourcesTo truly live out our Christian mandateIn the end, it is never enough to are necessary for survival.to serve the poor, we must not onlysimply feed a hungry person. WeVisit the sick.Catholic schools and parishes sponsormake charitable contributions butare not fully Catholic until we ask, Why are they naked, hungry, awesome programs that help meetalso participate in actions for justice.homeless, or oppressed?Visit the prisoners.these immediate needs. Food pantries,The United States Conference ofBecoming a person committed home-building efforts, clothing drives, donations to global hunger-reliefCatholic Bishops calls charity and justiceto creating a just world can beBury the dead.organizations, disaster relief, andthe Two Feet of Love in Action. Whenoverwhelming. Dont let it be. canned food drives are just a fewwe step forward in charity, we offerFor today, it is enough to growGive alms to the poor.examples of the Works of Mercy alivein awareness and open yourself and well in our Catholic communities. to being part of the solutionone loving step at a time.18 Call 800.533.8095'