b"FLEXIBLE OPTIONS:Distance learning Where passion meets purpose!It's very engaging.There are a lot of online programs, but not all are as interactive.Confirmation as your students (andKatie, ORyou) have never experienced it.Lets start a revolution! Where students experience conversion, are confirmed, and then are sent out into the world as ambassadors of mercy.10 online learning modules,along with 5 gathered sessionsand a retreat. NEW! Catechesis Perfect for busy students,that starts with eLearning allows studentsthe heart(and you) access anywhere, at any time, on any device. Live It! Change the World with Everyday Faith features A strong and easy Sponsor25 ready-to-go sessions 50% Experience. Sponsors journeydesigned by master catechists. 14% with their candidates throughGreat for a pre-confirmation our Sponsor Experience. program or religious ed! The focus is truly holistic: Total transperency. Allowswith active, real-life learning, catechists to easily check in oncommunity building, and an the progress of their students. inter-weaving of Scripture with Tradition in a conversational way. It invites teens to explore Confirmation CourseDirectors ManualSponsor Experiencetheir faith in a meaningful way.$24.95/student,$39.95, #2924 $14.95/sponsor,Catechist Guide, $79.95, #2927#E2924 #E2925Learn more and request a reviewLearn more at at calledtomercy.com smp.org/liveit16 Call 800.533.8095"