b'35 5FIVE WAYS TO REFRESHINTEGRITY: EXPERTISE:follow up, follow through, beis best offered after care has been accountable, and be authentic. demonstrated to the young person HOW YOU CONNECTFollowing up well starts with remembering. Ifin your life.they have a big test coming up, wish them luckYoung people dont think a persons expertise just beforehand. If they are making a difficult How can you refresh the ways you connectdecision, offer to be a sounding board.matters if that person doesnt care about them, first. But when expertise follows care, it with the young people in your life?can be shaped by care. When advice follows listening, it can be personalized. When 85% of young people say guidance follows integrity, young people can that their trust intrust that the guide is trustworthy. LISTENING: another person grows when that 1 be curious, be engaged, and remember what another person said.person takes action that responds Springtide listicle to the young persons needs. 65% of young people agreeShow sincere curiosity through your body language by turning toward the personwith the statement, youre speaking with and nodding along to show that youre following what theyreA persons expertise doesnt matter saying. Ask a few questions before offering a comment or advice. This can be asif they dont care about me.simple as, Can you tell me more about that?4of young people say they feel listened to when people 81% seem genuinely curious about what they have to say. CARE:is a commitment to the work of supporting young people as they navigate questions of identity, TRANSPARENCY: community, and meaning.share experiences, seek commonalities, and be open.Care is an underlying commitment that can 2 be expressed in almost unlimited ways: Only when you start sharing your own experiences can you discover the nuancedtalking and really listening, remembering a ideas, hobbies, friends, or favorite foods to bond over. Because experience is aparticular milestone in their life, advocating form of knowledge, having someone who has gone through similar things in lifeor giving advice, and speaking up forThese findings and tips come from gives you authority to speak into and from those places of shared understanding.young people are all ways to show care. Springtide Research Institutes latest report, The State of Religion & Young People 2020: Relational Authority. of young people trust those who understand their 80% lived experiences. 81% of young people say You can download the whole 120-page they will trust someonereport for free on their website at whom they believe cares about them. www.springtideresearch.org.26 Call 800.533.8095'