b'FLEXIBLE OPTIONS: Built for middle schoolers by designBreakthrough! Bible (GNT) Breakthrough! Bible (NABRE)1 Designed for middle schoolers, in the1 Designed for grades 68, in the NABRE Good News Translation, this is for youngtranslation they hear in Mass. The bold people leaving childhood and enteringartwork, clean design, and fresh content allow teenage-hood. Theyll learn aboutyoung teens to explore and form friendships the great people of the Bible, andwith the people of the Bible. Time lines and see how God has been breaking intoreading plans help young people come face-2 3 4 5 human history for thousands of years. 2 3 4 to-face with Gods love breaking through.1 Breakthrough!2 Old Testament3 Old Testament 4 New Testament5 New Testament1 Breakthrough!2 Breakthrough!3 Leader Guide4 Activity Booklet (GNT)Activity BookletLeader GuideActivity BookletLeader Guide(NABRE)(NABRE) Hardcover$34.95, #4416 $39.95, #4417$29.95, #4141 $9.95, #4351 $21.95, #4352 $9.95, #4353 $21.95, #4354 $29.95, #4149 $38.95, #4150Learn more and request a review at smp.org/btgnt Learn more and request a review at smp.org/btnabre22 Call 800.533.8095 Click 24/7 at smp.org 23'