b'FLEXIBLE OPTIONS:SACRAMENTS Home Guides availableMake preparing for the Sacramentsan exciting adventure!Go Seek Find: Discover Gods Treasures capturesMy catechists find this program easy to teach.the curiosity and excitement of kids on a journey as they prepare for two life-changing sacraments, First Eucharist and First Reconciliation.The children are engaged Theyll explore The Catholic Childrens Bible with the help of full-color activity booklets, stickers, andduring the entire lessona treasure map, all packed into a handy backpack. Prompted with easy-to-understand questions andand the parents are thrilled that they are active, engaged learning that gets kids up and moving, your children will discover how preparinglearning directly from the Bible.for the Sacraments is an exciting adventure!Jeanne, MIDistance Learning coming Fall 2021!Go Seek Find KitEach kit includes everything childrenReconciliation need to prepare to celebrate theTeaching Guide Sacraments of Reconciliation and$39.95, #4501Eucharist: Backpack, The CatholicEucharist Childrens Bible, ReconciliationTeaching Guide and Eucharist folders, maps,$39.95, #4502stickers, activity booklets. Get Go Seek Find for only $19.95 with purchase of $39.95, #4507 Discover (Bible not included)Learn more and request a review at smp.org/gsfConfirmation is also available, just ask! Tambien es bilinge! smp.org/spanish14 Click 24/7 at smp.org 15'