b'I love the easy-to-read content that explains the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and includes reflections on saints, Scripture, and prayer. While this book is written for teens, I also recommend it to RCIA participants, and anyone who wants to know more about the faith.commend th s t yI e i v r o e rerish and Catholic hi c oopa gh s h lin the diocese where I work.AnonymousA perfect pairing!Live It! is a pre-Confirmation program that uses The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth as the main textbook. Core concepts of the faith are laid out and built on in 25 ready-to-go sessions that empower young people to use their faith to change the world!Live It! Change the World with Everyday Faith, $81.95, #2927Call 800-533-8095Click 24/7 at smp.org|17'