b'Big questions that lead to faithful discoveriesTweens are watching the world open up before them, with big questions on their minds. Theyre ready to go deeper, and Connect! Bringing Faith to Life is the faith formation program made to lead them deeper into the pillars of our faithConnect! guides youth in grades 68 in making the connection between their faith and their lived experiences through prayer, reflection, and active, engaged learning. Included digital lessons offer maximum flexibility.Catechists will be empowered to guide youth too, because every lesson in Connect! comes ready to use with full catechist guides. Connect! Student Book, $28.95, #2154Learn more & request a sample atsmp.org/connectrfectly se uidp etActivity BookCatechist Guide:Catechist Guide:Catechist Guide: $60.95, #2267Year 1Year 2Year 3 $50.95, #2268 $50.95, #2269 $50.95, #2270Call 800-533-8095Click 24/7 at smp.org|13'