Understanding Catholicism

An Interactive Introduction to the Catholic Faith 


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The beginning of high school brings a lot of exciting newness!

A new school . . . new activities . . . new opportunities . . . new challenges . . . and many new friends.

For some students from a variety of religious backgrounds, or with little or no religious upbringing, this first step into high school will also be their introduction to the Catholic faith.

How can we make sure that every student feels included and valued in their new school regardless of their religious background?

How can we provide a learning experience that empowers each and every student to discover and grow in appreciation of the wisdom and beauty of Catholicism?

Invite all students to actively explore the Catholic faith with Understanding Catholicism!

This digital semester-long course marks a bold return to the tradition of sharing the Catholic faith through oral and visual storytelling. Imagine students encountering core faith topics such as the Paschal Mystery and the Seven Sacraments through storytelling that really connects with their lives!

Understanding Catholicism is easy for students to follow, with short chunks of meaningful text and ample visual supports. Communal activities include online polls, classroom discussions, and student-centered projects, all woven into opportunities for individual discovery and decision-making. While students learn about the Catholic faith, they’ll also be getting to know their classmates and discovering more about themselves—a perfect blend of the personal, social, and intellectual.

Understanding Catholicism conveys sound doctrine as it dives into important Catholic faith topics in a voice students will relate to. Key topics include:

  • Revelation
  • Sin
  • Bible Basics
  • Salvation History
  • Marks of the Church
  • Sacraments
  • The Paschal Mystery
  • Christian Morality
  • Catholic Social Teaching

Help your 9th graders explore what it means to be a Catholic follower of Jesus. Open their hearts and minds to grow in faith, praise God, and make the world a better place!

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**Understanding Catholicism is a secure, browser-based online environment. The course can be accessed on any device connected to Wi-Fi.

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