Echo the Story: A Bible Study for Catholic Teens


Experience the Bible in a new way
An imaginative way for youth to engage the Bible using storytelling, creative reflection, and dialogue.

From creation to the formation of the church, teens enter imaginatively into each story—observing, drawing, writing, and participating in group dialogue. Each of the one-hour sessions can be used on a weekly schedule, or the sessions may be combined for a youth retreat.

The complete Echo the Story experience helps youth discover meaning and identity in the biblical narrative using a DVD, participant Sketch Journal, and detailed Leader Guide.

Preview the video from Week 3!

Quick lesson preparation
The Echo the Story Leader Guide is easy to follow, includes everything necessary to facilitate a session, and allows everyone (including leaders) to learn together.

Honest dialogue and collaborative interpretation
Echo the Story provides a guided experience for curious teens to wonder, reflect, and seek personally relevant meaning as together they explore faith and interpret Scripture.

Experiential biblical overview
Youth learn in many different ways and Echo the Story embraces different learning styles. The sessions deliver an overview of the Bible and guide participants to connect the stories to their lives.

Youth sit up and take notice
Echo the Story engages each young person to personally experience and respond to the biblical narrative, and empowers each to deepen faith while finding community among peers.

How it works

Each session follows a six-part sequence for youth to encounter the Bible in a variety of ways


  1. Rewind: The video first directs teens to briefly share with a friend. The video then shows a fast-paced, animated review of the previous sessions’ stories.
  2. Prepare: Teens draw a version of the story symbol in their Sketch Journals. The leader then helps to create a reflective environment and encourages imaginative listening.
  3. Imagine: Either the leader or one of the teens reads the Bible story aloud. The Leader Guide provides a carefully crafted story script.
  4. Capture: After a moment for quiet reflection, teens record in their Sketch Journals any aspects of the story that stood out to them.
  5. Remix: Again the story is read aloud. During this reading, teens complete an activity that helps them creatively retell part of the Bible story.
  6. Connect: The leader encourages participants to share their observations and insights from the story. The Leader Guide provides a set of intentional questions that may be used for this exercise.



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Echo the Story


The Sketch Journal is a creative logbook of each participant's journey through the stories. The journal works in tandem with the Leader Guide and is used throughout each season.

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Echo the Story


The Leader Guide is a map through each of the twelve sessions of Echo the Story. It details the process of each session and provides prompts and scripts that equip each leader to guide students through the 12-week study.

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Echo the Story


The DVD contains 12 videos that give students a fast-paced review of previous sessions' stories

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Echo the Story Package


This package makes getting set for Echo the Story painless, plus saves you $50! With 10 Sketch Journals, 1 Leader Guide, and the DVD, you’ll be ready to begin your Echo Bible Study, helping your young people connect the fullness of Salvation History, in an imaginative and approachable way.

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Sketch Journal: Pack of 10


Need more Sketch Journals for Echo the Story? Save over 25% with this package! For a limited time, get a set of 10 sketch journals for $80. The Sketch Journal is a creative logbook of each participant's journey through the stories and is used throughout each season.

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