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The Literature of Love

Reflection questions on William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116.


What Do I Know about the Catholic Faith

In the time allotted for this exercise, answer each question to the best of your knowledge. Each set of questions corresponds to the units you will study in this course and represents content you will cover in more detail in …


A Preassessment of My Knowledge of the Sacrament of Holy Orders

A preassessment about things that a student already knows, thinks that they know, and wants to know about the Sacrament of Holy Orders.


A Preassessment of My Knowledge of the Vocation of Holy Orders

A preassessment of one’s knowledge of terms and concepts associated with the Vocation of Holy Orders.


Just a Closer Walk with Thee

A worksheet where students are asked to read and reflect on the Gospel of Luke’s powerful image of how Christ is present in the celebration of the Eucharist through the story of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus.


Lifelong Journey

Several questions about yourself and relationships to consider before entering into the permanent covenant of marriage.


Equal Partners in Marriage

A numbers of questions relating to the equality of men and women in society as well as in marriage.


The Meaning of Healing

A reflection exercise on the meaning of healing.


The Sacrament of Pardon and Peace

A set of questions that accompany the PowerPoint presentation “The Sacrament of Pardon and Peace.”


A Personal Inventory of My Potential

A worksheet comprised of questions, columns, and numbers, where students can rate themselves and see if they are achieving their full potential.


Reflecting on the Meaning of Infant Baptism

A worksheet focused on reflecting on the meaning of infant Baptism.


The Meaning of Redemption (I)

This survey provides an opportunity for students to identify some areas of their lives that they feel they need help to improve. Part 1 of this exercise is strictly personal; however, students’ reflections will help them with a complementary group …

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