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The Last Supper - PowerPoint

This PowerPoint is part of the Living in Christ Series. Students can participate and enter into the scene of the Last Supper through images and acting.


Reading the Parables

This activity is part of the Living in Christ Series. Students must look up some of Jesus' parables and answer questions about the analogy and imagery used and the message being given about the Kingdom of God.


Handout 1: The Walk to Emmaus

Characters: narrator, Jesus, Cleopas, second disciple Narrator: That very same day, two of the disciples were on their way to a village called Emmaus, seven miles from Jerusalem, and they were talking over all that had happened. Now as they …


A Christmas Legend: The Birth of Jesus and Gift Giving

Session Overview: This 2-hour session is designed to use role-playing skills for a presentation to an audience. Scripture: This session is based on Luke 2:1-20. Read the Scripture passage to the young people after the role-play, "Christmas Legend," has been …

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