Catholic Mass Kid's Trivia Game Part 2 Introductory Rites

This video is a trivia game that can be used to assess children's understanding of the Introductory Rites.


Chapter 44 Summary: Respecting Sexuality

A nice summary of the Sixth and Ninth Commandments, and how God wants us to conduct ourselves in sexual matters.


Chapter 43 Activity: Keeping the Seventh, Eighth, and Tenth Commandments

Students are asked to list 10 practical ways to keep the 7th, 8th, and 10th Commandments.


The Exodus

An assignment on the Exodus, comprised of fill-in-the-blank and short answer questions.


Symbols in the Book of Revelation

A reference sheet for the symbols that are used in the Book of Revelation.


Statements from the Catechism on the Sacraments at the Service of Communion

Several passages from the Catechism of the Catholic Church on the Sacraments at the Service of Communion that students can cut apart to use as study tools.


The Eucharist A Sacrificial Offering and Transformational Event

Nine questions pertaining to the Eucharist that can be cut apart and used as study aids.