Link - Interactive Biblical Timelines

An interactive timeline can be found at the above link. It lacks the detail of other timelines; but if one of the events in the timeline is clicked, a large frame of Scripture quotations, some from the Old Testament but most from the Gospels, pops up to describe the event.


Peter and Paul

This link to the Web site for the PBS series Peter and Paul is the starting point for a Webquest exploration.


Kings of Israel and Judah

This site provides a chronological list of the kings of Israel and Judah, with links to brief articles from the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia for each king.


Exegesis Online Information Quest

This resource is part of the Living in Christ Series. It helps students locate and utilize online resources for biblical scholarship and exegesis.


Blessed are the Media Makers . . .

Imagine if a teacher brought students to the school library and allowed them to read anything they wanted without ever asking a single question or demanding that students think critically about what they were reading. Preposterous! What teacher would ever …