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Understanding Human Trafficking,
Striving for Justice

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"I am one. I am sold into prostitution for another’s pleasure. I am forced to work for another’s profit. I am one of many—one of 27 million people around the world enslaved in human trafficking. I am young and I am old, of every nation, state, city, and town. I work in fields, factories, mines, hotels, restaurants, salons, homes, and on the streets. I am one. You might even know me. I might live or work right next to you. I might be standing across from you at this very moment. Do you see me? Do you know my story? Will you care?”

This is the voice of one—one caught in the web of human trafficking. One of millions.

Human trafficking is a horrific global crisis that must end. Understanding Human Trafficking, a new educational app, shows how one person can help bring an end to this crisis.

With powerful short videos, informative e-learning interactions, and responsive quizzes, this app will guide you and your teens to a deeper awareness of modern-day slavery: why it happens, and how to help—through advocacy and everyday actions.

Available on the iPad, Understanding Human Trafficking not only teaches but empowers, leaving you and your teens with a sense of hope—hope for a world in which everyone is free.

"Hear my story. See my face. Learn how you can be one who helps to put a stop to modern-day slavery."

Download the Understanding Human Trafficking app, and become one united with others in the global effort to end human trafficking.

For the best app experience, download to your iPad. Coming soon for Android tablets!

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UHT - What is Human Trafficking

UHT - Who is at Risk

UHT - What Causes Human Trafficking