Go Seek Find

What if your children were led on an adventure of discovery
as they explored the rich and beautiful significance of the Sacraments in their lives?

What if preparing for the Sacraments was fun, with hands-on activities to get them up out of their seats, moving and engaged in what they’re learning?

What if the program was centered around The Catholic Children's Bible to encourage children to fall in love with God’s Word as they are falling in love with the Sacraments?

Go Seek Find: Discover God's Treasures is a new, engaging, and all-inclusive Sacrament prep program. Children track their journey through Scripture to their destination of celebrating the Sacraments using colorful treasure maps and stickers. 

Each kit contains everything they need, including The Catholic Children's Bible (what a great value!). When the day's adventure is complete, children simply pack everything in a special backpack, and they're ready to go for the next time!

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