called to mercy: confirming young people for a mission of witness

Imagine, a Confirmation preparation program . . . 

  • That meets young people where they are–anytime, anywhere
  • That effects a spiritual conversion in young people's lives so that they joyfully say yes to lives of mercy
  • That encourages young people to show mercy toward others–to be witnesses of mercy in their daily lives
  • In which young people come to recognize the encounter of mercy in their lives

Called to Mercy: Confirming Young People for a Mission of Witness is that program! 

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NEW! Sponsor Course

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Sponsors immerse themselves in the same journey as their young people, and together they experience Christ’s call to live out mercy in their lives.

Questions, polls, and guide dialogue are addressed to the sponsors, as they reflect on answering the call to mercy in their own lives. All sponsors are put into one course so they can see one another’s responses.

Each module in the Confirmation Sponsor Experience ends with Conversation Starter Questions for the sponsor and young person to discuss. Sponsors then meet with their young people regularly during Confirmation preparation to strengthen their relationship, reflect on their experience, and discuss how to apply their learnings in daily life.


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Called to Mercy

Edited by John M. Vitek, MA


Reimagine the way teens prepare for Confirmation!
Called to Mercy, a new Confirmation preparation program, invites and draws young people into the Lord's most powerful message: to give witness to mercy with their lives! Online learning modules and gathered community-building sessions offer engaging, relevant, and deeply reflective opportunities for a true spiritual conversion to lives that give witness to Jesus' call and the Church's mission of mercy.

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Called to Mercy: Confirming Young People for a Mission of Witness


In the Director's Manual, you will find:

  • The story and unique approach behind Called to Mercy.
  • How young people will access Called to Mercy.
  • How program directors will access Called to Mercy.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to register your parish and enroll your young people in Called to Mercy.
  • An overview of each of the ten online learning modules.
  • Plans for each of the five gathered sessions and full-day retreat.
  • Introductions to the three Confirmation guides: Karen, Lauren, and Shawn.
  • A list of frequently asked questions and answers.
  • An album of accompanying music to enhance the Confirmation experience.

More Information

Call 800-533-8095 to order