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Catholicism 101
The Catholic Youth Bible® New American Bible, Revised Edition
Written on Our Hearts (2009)
Teaching Manual for Written on Our Hearts (2009)

Living Justice and Peace (2008)
Teaching Manual for Living Justice and Peace, Second Edition
The African American Catholic Youth Bible®
Minutes of Grace

Virtual Meditations
Anointed in the Spirit Sponsor Booklet (Ungidos con el Espiritu Cuadernillo para padrinos)
The Catholic Church
Teaching Manual for The Catholic Church

Celebrating Sacraments (Third Edition)
Teaching Manual for Celebrating Sacraments
Creating a Christian Lifestyle
Teaching Manual for Creating a Christian Lifestyle

Jesus of History, Christ of Faith
Teaching Manual for Jesus of History, Christ of Faith
Understanding Catholic Christianity
Teaching Manual for Understanding Catholic Christianity

Understanding Catholic Christianity
Growing in Christian Morality
Teaching Manual for Growing in Christian Morality
Growing in Christian Morality