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The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth (paperback)
The Catholic Faith Handbook Teacher's Guide
The Catholic Faith Handbook Catechist Guide
Catholic Quiz Show

Understanding Catholicism
Catholicism 101
The Church: Christ in the World Today, Second Edition
The Paschal Mystery: Christ's Mission of Salvation, Second Edition

Yes! I Am Catholic
Catholic Quick View, Second Edition
El Catolicismo: Una Vista Rápida, Segunda Edición
Why Do Catholics . . . ?

I'm Glad You Asked!
Vocations: Answering God's Call, First Edition
Vocations: Answering God's Call
The Catholic Family Connections Bible

Understanding Catholic Christianity
The Catholic Church
Living and Loving Our Catholic Faith
The Catholic Youth Bible®

The Catholic Youth Bible®
Passing On the Faith
Meeting Jesus
Genesis, Evolution, and the Search for a Reasoned Faith